Disputes are an inevitable part of business. Whether you are involved in a commercial dispute, in financial litigation, under investigation, or simply keen to protect your business and ensure full compliance, our global dispute resolution team can help. Whatever the situation, our top priority is always to get the right outcome for you.
    We specialise in high value, high stakes, complex litigation, with a particular expertise in multi-jurisdictional disputes. With our depth of experience in every type of dispute, we are able to bring the necessary expertise to bear in any situation.
    As international trade and foreign investment intensifies, so do disputes across borders. International arbitration is often the preferred dispute resolution mechanism for international business.
Areas of Expertise:
1. Formulating constructive and practical dispute avoidance schemes
2. Designing arbitration and litigation strategies
3.Representing clients in all phases of litigation and arbitration, including pre-trial and pre-hearing discovery, injunction, protective measures, hearings, defense and claims, and trials
4.Representing clients in mediation and settlement procedures
5.Representing clients in enforcement proceedings